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Can you try to render this (stuck on processing geometry)

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  • Can you try to render this (stuck on processing geometry)

    Hi Here is the link to the scene. Also please install madcar (attached to play animation) For some reason sim 388 works and sim 389 does not I just wonder if it is octane or phoenix is messing up. Could you render the sequence 388-389. Thanks



    it looks like the problem happens when the camera is linked to the moving raft. I guess phoenix creates endless ocean in frame 389 and does something that 3ds max is stuck on processing geometry for 30 min
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    Another update:
    I think this is Phoenix bug with fast moving cameras especially when camera looks up and down very fast. In our case we had another camera moving away from the boat withe shake/noise added (storm effect) and because of fast noise phoenix makes 3ds max stuck at processing geometry. Something to do with endless ocean Thank you