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  • Question about V-Ray Benchmark


    I'm pricing out components for render slaves and have started using the V-Ray Benchmark to help determine value/price.

    Are the time values representative of a single processor, or single core, or some other value? I ask because I'm trying to compare different setups with dual Xeons, vs my i9 workstation. Making a nice spreadsheet for this, but without certain assumptions clarified, my math will be all wrong.

    Great tool, just need some clarification.



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    Nobody knows?


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      In 1.0.x versions you may compare if one configuration is faster than the other. But you cannot tell if it's 2x or 6x faster so easy. Those times are not linear. Faster machines with many cores (32x and more) tend to give smaller differences on the same benchmark scenes in bucket rendering mode. In reality V-Ray may be optimized for many core machines using its options.
      In next versions of V-Ray Benchmark we'll change the benchmarking mode and you'll be able to compare with more precision exactly how fast is one machine compared to the another.


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        Okay, Any idea when the new benchmark will be out?

        I'm looking at building some render slaves with dual Xeon E5-2640 V2. Its an older chip, but the price is good.

        As a Developer for Chaos Group, can you provide any suggestions or guidelines for rendering processors?