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vray caustic Animation flickering

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  • vray caustic Animation flickering

    Hello all,
    i have a 250 frames scene animation render.. and i got a flickering in the caustics i tried casuists subdivs from 3000 until i got good result when i get to 20000 but the render calculate take a year..
    iv attached a screen shot with all the caustic values. how can i reduce the the render time and get a free flickering animation
    i also attach a test with 3000 caustics and 20000
    thank for the helpers! - 20000 sub - 3000 sub

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    Find where this tiny noise comes from and see if you can get better results by tweaking non-caustic settings.
    I created a very basic scene here without much deviation from default values and the result looks very smooth - I might be wrong since I am looking at single frame rendering only, not animation.

    Increasing Caustics search-distance and max-photons should help to remove the finest noise. Try to disable direct visualization option, it generate slightly different result, it might be better or worse so it's good idea to test.
    And finally Denoiser is always a good option to remove noise, don't forget to use standalone denoiser which has an option to blend neighbour frames - it should produce much better denoise-result than single-frame denoiser in 3dsMax.
    Svetlozar Draganov

    Technical Support Representative

    Chaos Group