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V-Ray 3.60.03 for Maya now available!

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  • V-Ray 3.60.03 for Maya now available!

    We have just released an update to V-Ray 3.6 for Maya. The builds are available for download on the Chaosgroup website.
    The full change log is below:

    New features:
    (*) Cryptomatte: Support for refractive/reflective materials;
    (*) Cryptomatte: Cryptomatte now works in DR without local host;
    (*) Cryptomatte: Added Cryptomatte support in .vrimg and single channel EXR files;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Added support for color per vertex shaders with MASH;
    (*) Viewport 2.0/VRayFur: Added support for VRayFur UVs;
    (*) V-Ray: Option to ignore all image planes;
    (*) V-Ray: Option to disable DR in IPR;
    (*) VRaySwitchMtl: VRaySwitchMtl now works with volumes;
    (*) V-Ray: Auto data window support for single-channel and deep EXRs;

    Modified features:
    (*) V-Ray: zDepth render element infinity color is now always black;
    (*) V-Ray: Color corrections will not be applied to integer and filter render elements;
    (*) V-Ray: Improved Hypershade Material Viewer responsiveness;
    (*) XGen: XGen caches will now use a single file;
    (*) V-Ray: Maximal mip-map resolution is now inclusive;
    (*) V-Ray: Improved swatch rendering speed for tiled textures;
    (*) V-Ray: Region rendering now saves data window coordinates for single- and multi-channel EXRs.
    (*) VRayTriplanar: Frame offset and frame rotation attributes now accept node inputs;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: VRayDomeLight and Environment are no longer selected when clicking empty space in the viewport;

    Bug fixes:
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed crashes related to swatch rendering;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed wrong ZDepth on pixels bordering the environment;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed random crashes with swatches on materials with tiled textures;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed crash with high number of refractions on OSX;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed memory leak when rendering tiled texture swatches;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed empty multi-part OpenEXR files when camera overscan was enabled;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed reflection artifacts when using Adaptive Lights;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed crash with alembic hair with per-strand UVs;
    (*) VrayMtl: Fixed refraction with unclamped opacity;
    (*) VRayRectLight: Fixed light getting cut off in VRayEnvironmentFog;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Auto Reduction of the VRayVolumeGrid couldn't be turned off in Legacy Viewport;
    (*) VRmat: Fixed VRmat converter outputting invalid .vrmat files;
    (*) XGen: Fixed path issues when changing XGen cache location;
    (*) XGen: Fixed render density multiplier not working with XGen Interactive Groomable Splines;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed slow IPR update when moving sun position;
    (*) VRayDomeLight: Fixed slow swatch update;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Fixed wrong VRaySky preview in VP2;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Fixed selection issue with VRayMesh in GPU preview mode;
    (*) Viewport 2.0: Fixed VRayDomeLight textured preview disappearing;
    (*) VRayFur: Fixed light linking with VRayFur from a referenced scene;
    (*) VRayDisplacement: Fixed colorMath node not working with VRayDisplacement;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed error when opening or rendering scenes with camera projected textures;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed IPR not detecting changes to the shadow bias attribute on standard lights;
    (*) VRayStereoscopic: Fixed a crash when changing global FOV camera override in IPR;

    Best regards,
    Mihail Djurev,
    V-Ray for Maya Team Lead
    V-Ray for Maya developer

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    Wow, very nice!
    Best Regards,


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      Does this include a fix for Cryptomatte with DWA compression?


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        "XGen caches will now use a single file"

        Is there more info on this that you can point me to?


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          "Maximal mip-map resolution is now inclusive"

          also for this one. Thanks!


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            "XGen caches will now use a single file"
            Our XGen caches used to contain a main vrscene file which included other vrscene files. This caused path problems when the vrscene was moved.
            So, now we export all the XGen cache in a single vrscene file, which contains all the relevant data. It doesn't include other vrscenes and is completely portable.

            We don't have a fix for DWA compression with cryptomatte yet. We'll post in the other thread when it's ready.
            V-Ray for Maya developer


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              Sorry! Stupid question, but where are the night builds links?
              I cant find them.


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                Originally posted by XavBo View Post
                Sorry! Stupid question, but where are the night builds links?
                I cant find them.
                There should be "stable" nightlies at the usual location. If you've had access to them before, you should still have access to them now.
                Alex Yolov


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                  Originally posted by yolov View Post

                  There should be "stable" nightlies at the usual location. If you've had access to them before, you should still have access to them now.
                  Thank you I cant find them.
                  I need to have a look where the link to them is.

                  I found the nightlies files.
                  Thank you!
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