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V-Ray 3.60.04 for Maya is now available!

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  • V-Ray 3.60.04 for Maya is now available!

    We have just released V-Ray 3.60.04 for Maya.
    The builds are available for download on the Chaosgroup website.
    This is a free update for all V-Ray for Maya 3.x users.

    Here's a list of what's new:

    New features:
    (*) VFB: Track mouse can now be locked to a specific position;
    (*) Cryptomatte: Support for DWA compressed OpenEXR files;
    (*) XGen: Support for multi-interval motion blur with a changing number of vertices;

    Modified features:
    (*) IPR: Out of process IPR server will now use the number of threads from the Maya UI;
    (*) Python: Post translate python script now supports complex parameters like Instancer plugin's instances;

    Bug fixes:
    (*) VRaySun: Fixed wrong render with keyed sun on old scenes;
    (*) VRaySun: Fixed wrong render with manual position;
    (*) VRaySun: Fixed crashes with multiple suns and manual position;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed slow loading of proxies;
    (*) VRayProxy: Fixed incorrect render with animated start offset and playback speed;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed incorrect camera motion blur in the first frame of an animation;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed Auto Update option in Swatch Properties;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed "not expected as texture input" warning when exporting vector plugs;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed "Don't save image" affecting EXR settings in exported vrscenes;
    (*) V-Ray: Fixed start/end frame overrides in batch when the scene was saved with "Specific Frames" option;
    (*) V-Ray: Selecting a render element will no longer open the Attribute Editor if it was closed;
    (*) VRaySky/VRayDomeLight: Fixed Viewport 2.0 preview in Maya 2018.2;
    (*) VrayMtl: Fixed fog multiplier not working in animation;
    (*) VRayStereoscopic: Fixed an error when attaching a stereo camera attribute when no VRaySettings node is present;
    (*) VRayFur: Fixed selection in Viewport IPR;
    (*) VRayVolumeGrid: Fixed wrong texture mapping on Maya fluids with Auto Resize;

    Best regards,
    Mihail Djurev
    V-Ray for Maya Team Lead
    V-Ray for Maya developer

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    awesome, thanks