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Spherical Projection onto area lights?

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  • Spherical Projection onto area lights?

    Spherical Projection onto Area light and diffuse doesn't look right, reflection looks fine though.

    So I have a HDR with Spherical Projection onto a set, I'm then using that projection on a few VRay Area lights and while the reflection looks fine the diffuse doesn't match what a dome light would, I guess this is expected though?
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    Could you give us more details on what exactly are you trying to achieve. It would be helpful to share some screenshots or your test scene.
    Nikolay Kusht
    Technical Support
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      We lighted a whole feature film like that but the lights weren't visible to camera so I never noticed that it was off. Does it look right if you map the texture onto a plane in the same place as the area light?
      Richard Blank