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Vray not respecting light linking with multiple references

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  • Vray not respecting light linking with multiple references

    I have a master asset that has a lot of light and reflection linking in it. I'm bringing two references of the asset into animation files, and for some reason only one of the references is respecting the linking on one particular light. Not sure how this is even possible, but it's happening. Short of manually re-creating the linking in the animation file, does anyone have any fixes for this?

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    I think its a maya limitation *could be. Can you script it and apply the light link in the actual anim file at the end? I think its the only way.
    Dmitry Vinnik
    Silhouette Images Inc.


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      Yeah, it seems totally broken. I get different results opening and rendering locally than I do on our farm with the same file and reference. And now I realize this is Maya light linking and nothing to do with Vray. I will try breaking links in the animation file, which I wanted to avoid.