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VrayFalloff - Color Map Bug?

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  • VrayFalloff - Color Map Bug?


    can someone please help and check is this a bug or I did something wrong?
    I'm playing with some materials, and I wanted to create gold material.
    Falloff Map is connected in Reflection Color of VrayMtl, and Enable Color Map is checked.
    I recreate RGB curves to mach RGB wavelengths of gold reflection.

    Here is screenshot:

    When I start IPR, reflection color is almost black but it should be "gold" and here is what I get:

    Now, here is something what I found maybe interesting.
    While IPR is still running, I changed Output Amount to 2.000, hit Enter, and then back to 1.000, hit Enter,
    and now I get something I expected to get at first:

    And that's pretty much OK base for gold material.

    But again, when I hit Render, here is what I get:

    Is this maybe a bug or I'm missing something?

    I forgot the important thing:

    Maya 2017 | Vray 3.6.2
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    Just to report, if anyone is interested, I found a "solution" for this problem.
    I reconnected input - output like this:
    VrayFalloff : OutColor to RemapColor : Color, and then RemapColor : OutColor to VrayMtl : Reflection Color.
    And it works now.


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      I tried to replicate that but everything worked fine here.
      Would it be possible to send us the scene so we could better see the setup that you are using and test it into our environment?
      Svetlozar Draganov

      Technical Support Representative

      Chaos Group


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        Hi Svetlozar, thanks and of course I can!
        Wetransfer link to


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          One more note about this "problem" when Vray Falloff Map is connected directly to VrayMtl > Reflection Color.
          When I started IPR, as I wrote, reflection was black... but when I uncheck and check again Enable Color Map, reflection was correct, in IPR.
          And that's case with I believe every other parameter - I got correct reflection color in IPR just by changing any parameter in Vray Falloff Map.


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            Yes, send the file to and include a link to this thread for a reference.
            Svetlozar Draganov

            Technical Support Representative

            Chaos Group