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  • Force Colour Clamping

    Hi all,

    I?m just looking to clear up a bit of confusion that I?ve got with the Force Color Clamping option in the V-Ray Frame Buffer: I?ve always kept this option on to stop with the rainbow effect colours that you get with it switched off. But, I?ve been doing a bit of reading up on the Chaos Group forums and it seems like I may have been working wrong all this time!

    Am I correct in thinking that I should keep the Force Color Clamping option off, and use the ISO setting in the Physical Camera attributes to correctly expose my image instead (as in bring down the exposure until those colours beyond pure white are at 1)?

    For example; should I raise up the ISO until I just about reach the point in which the clamped rainbow colours are visible, and bring down the intensity of my light sources if they?re going way beyond the clamped limits? Then, raise up the exposure of my renders in After Effects in post, as my current scene is looking a tad dark now.

    I?m currently trying to match some photographs of an interior scene that I?ve re-created in 3D, but if I match the same kind of intensity of the real-life lights with the V-Ray lights, the image in the frame buffer shows quite a lot of whites that are way beyond pure white (if that makes sense).

    I?m working with my Color Mapping set to Reinhard,

    Multiplier = 1.0,

    Burn = 1.0,

    Gamma = 2.2,

    Mode = Color Mapping only, no gamma

    Clamp Output switched off.

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    It looks like you simply need to adjust the exposure on your camera after you add the V-Ray physical camera attributes to it.

    Best regards,
    I only act like I know everything, Rogers.


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      I've been reading for an hour and I can't find a thread that suggests what the default setting of 'Force color clamping' is. Should it be 'On' of 'Off' by default for a standard workflow?
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