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Volume Grid Instancing

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  • Volume Grid Instancing

    Lack of support for instancing is a major disadvantage.

    I have been scattering a cloud scape recently with single frame vdb chaches of about 300MB a piece,
    when i reach 10ish in vray, loading the scene at render time (Optimizing Volumetrics) takes more time than the actual render.

    Switched to another renderer and the load time with several hundred is bassicly the same as one.

    Found an old post from 2014 where they had the same issues, have a work around been found?


    if not, please add this as soon as possible.


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    This is on our to-do list, now with high priority. We do realize the need for instancing support and I hope we can get there sooner rather than later.
    Alex Yolov


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      Let me drop in on this - instancing for the VolumeGrid for Maya is implemented.

      You can disable the Optimizing Volumetrics pre-pass from the "Optimize Big Volumetric Grids" option under the Smoke Opacity rollout.

      Svetlin Nikolov, Lead Phoenix FD developer


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        Just an additional note - I hope sometime soon we can get to sharing the Optimizing Volumetrics phase between instances, so it won't run multiple times, but until then you can turn it off.
        Svetlin Nikolov, Lead Phoenix FD developer


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          thank you for comming back to me Yolov and Svetlin,

          Support for this would be greatly appreciated.

          Thanks for showing me "Optimize Big Volumetric Grids" Svetlin,
          brings up a new questions.

          Could this please be added to the Maya documentation? i use the documentation a lot but diddent find this back when i looked it over to find things about the "Optimizing Volumetrics",
          Now when seaching for the feature a second time turns out its only present in the Max documentaion.

          "Helps render scenes with caches above 25 Million cells faster."(max documentation)

          This information is really important, we do several smaller cormicial projects, just ran a few without this enabled and it is a 10-30% render time reduction.
          And more importently my test rendering i do at lower samplling its more like 50%, thats a lot of artist time.



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            Absolutely - we have a completely new documentation coming for the Volume Grid with V-Ray Next.

            Svetlin Nikolov, Lead Phoenix FD developer