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Rhino viewport not displaying maps correctly (specifically opacity)

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  • Rhino viewport not displaying maps correctly (specifically opacity)


    I am having trouble with viewport viewing of vray materials.

    It would appear I cannot get the transparency mask to show in the veiwport unless i flick the "show" toggle. However this then overides the material preview and shows the alpha mask as the diffuse map itself and not as a transparency mask.

    I am having similar difficulty displaying other changes in the viewport such as colour correction maps.

    Is this something that will be fixed in later updates?


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    Hello, Jesse,

    This viewport representation is by design. V-Ray and Rhino materials are only partially synchronized. Rhino cannot display V-Ray procedural texture. Instead if a Bitmap Tex (image file) is present it will be used in the viewport. Other parameters are mostly unlinked. In the upcoming update this automatic texture synchronization will be more reliable for all V-Ray material types.
    Further V-Ray to Rhino material synchronization may be improved in the next major release version, although there are no specific plans yet.

    Correct material presentation is available with the V-Ray Interactive viewport display mode.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Chaushev
    V-Ray for SketchUp | V-Ray for Rhino | QA


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      I would also like to see that feature in future releases where materials with a transparency map show correctly in the viewport. In addition to rendering with vray its also nice to still have the option to take a viewport screenshot with masked materials that show properly.