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Rhino 6 and Vray 3.6 Water Surface

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  • Rhino 6 and Vray 3.6 Water Surface


    I had some pretty neat settings for rendering boats on an ocean for 3.0 and Rhino 5. Unfortunately I have to recreate them now that Chaosgroup has decided to change alot of materials settings and the like.
    So, I thought just try an infinte plane as ocean (which used to work before) and assign one of their procedural wave materials to it.
    Turns out I can not get the waves to show. Has anyone the right settings sussed out yet?

    It doesn't help that the help section on these settings is not at all in line with the options Vray shows for these textures.....

    Thanks for assistance.

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    I would suggest experimenting with the texture mapping. If this leads to no noticeable differences, you can send a sample scene to our Support team for investigation.

    Alternatively, as I've just mentioned in , you can try one of the following Material presets:

    Kind regards,
    Peter Chaushev
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