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2D texture: Tiles (extra mortar serttings)

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  • 2D texture: Tiles (extra mortar serttings)

    Hopefully this doesn't turn out to be a repost of an earlier request.

    Lately we've (the office) come to see some uses for a few extra settings within the 2D texture "Tiles"
    Specifically, we are hoping that it would be possible to add specific color for the horizontal and vertical mortars
    (and depending on how these are made, being able choose which of the lines that should be "on top" of the other)

    Maybe this should even get a new 2D texture name if it's too specific/different from the normal tiling.


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    You can achieve the desired effect by using a Blend material:

    1. Create a material with Tiles texture:

    2. Create a Generic material with Diffuse color of your choice - it will be used for the alternative mortar. (Alternatively, use a duplicated Tiles material with different mortar color)

    3. Create a Blend material and assign it in place of the original Tiles material. Slot the Tiles material as its base and create a single Coat layer. Choose the alternative mortar material from the Coat's dropdown menu:

    4. Next you need a blend mask. Click on the Coat Blend texture slot and create a Grid texture. Edit it depending on the effect you want to achieve. Illustrated are the parameter changes needed to create a vertical stripe mask:

    5. End result is with vertical lines on top of horizontal ones. You can do this the other way around by choosing different masks or adding one more Coat to the Blend material.

    For non-uniform tiles you can copy the same tile texture for blend mask and edit it accordingly. Alternatively, use masks prepared with image-editing software outside of V-Ray. Do not hesitate to experiment.

    Nevertheless, I will log your request for more mortar options. The dev team will discuss the feasibility of this addition later on.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Chaushev
    V-Ray for SketchUp | V-Ray for Rhino | QA