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Feature Request - Bring Back Material Copy

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  • Feature Request - Bring Back Material Copy

    I do like the recent addition of Use As Replacement in the editor but can we get the Copy feature back? Sometimes you don't want to replace the material on the object but you do want to copy the properties from one material to another.
    Matthew Valero, ASAI

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    Just saw there was a previous thread discussing this the other day. I guess I can understand why copy was removed.
    Matthew Valero, ASAI


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      Well, the copy/paste function was a bit unintuitive and although useful, it is much safer to use the new workflow which breaks it down in two steps: 1. "Duplicate", 2. "Use as replacement"/"Replace".
      Overall, no functionality has been pruned. The change was necessary to eliminate the risk of introducing bugs in a scene by "injecting" properties from one material to another with no regards to the transferred plugin data.

      Kind regards,
      Peter Chaushev
      V-Ray for SketchUp | V-Ray for Rhino | QA