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  • Scene selecting for batch render

    Hi guys,

    I don't know if this is something many of you would like, but I thought I'd post it anyhow.
    It would be helpful to be able to select which scenes you want to batch render. Almost in every project there are some scenes you want to re-render because you changed something minor and now the only option is to either save the file and delete all scenes that don't have to be rendered or to move up the scenes you want to to the top of the list. But the sketchup interface only allows you to move up one scene at the time, so that causes some endless clicking to get things in order. (I have an average of 15 tot 25 scenes per project).
    So it would be great not to have to mess with the order of the scenes and to pick the ones you would like to re-render in some sort of list.


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    As already mentioned in , it is possible to exclude each scene from being batch rendered by disabling its Include in animation checkbox. You can select Multiple scenes simultaneously in the SketchUp Scenes panel and disable their checkbox with a single click.

    Kind regards,
    Peter Chaushev
    V-Ray for SketchUp | V-Ray for Rhino | QA


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      Whaaaaat?!!! I wish I'd known about this sooner.... Better to be late to the party than never show up at all, I guess.

      While on the subject, I was wondering if there is an advanced 'batch render manager' in the works like we've seen other render packages? (for controlling per scene parameters. One example is setting different aspect ratios per scene...(that would be a big one for is not always pleasant having to do a whole batch all in 16:9 or all in portrait, etc)) (of course, now know that I can disable scenes from batch, it will be a little less painful.)



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        Oh wow! Thanks Peter! I'll try that asap!
        I did search the forum but didn't see that thread, my apologies!
        I'm glad I'm not the only one who didn't know though

        ​​​​​​​Greetz, Sigrid